HR Interim Management

During the interim assumption of overall HR responsibility and leadership, including international HR teams in roles such as Head of HR, Global Head HR, or HR Director, I develop forward-looking strategies for all HR areas, considering the company’s objectives. 

In this role, I continuously align with the company leadership and the executive team. By motivating the HR team members, I succeed in creating an additional competitive advantage for the company. 

HR Leadership

As an HR leader, I serve as a strategic advisor and catalyst for the executive management. Simultaneously, my focus lies on leading and developing the HR team. My strong communication skills and enthusiasm for stakeholder management enable me to quickly become a valuable interlocutor for both executives and employees. 

HR Strategy​

The conception of an HR strategy aligned with the company’s goals and the resulting HR roadmap, with the aim of optimizing and aligning the structure and process organization of the entire HR department, is a part of my specialization.

Hyper Growth Consulting

By actively shaping and accompanying an international increase in personnel during above-average growth, I ensure that all HR areas are taken into account at lightning speed and in sync with the expansion. Previous experiences as head of recruiting during rapid personnel growth help me set the necessary priorities. 

HR Consulting​

Project and consulting services in the HR domain throughout the entire employee life cycle. With my expertise, conceptual skills and pragmatic approach along with strong communication abilities, I consistently manage to find and implement individual solutions quickly, while also passionately handling vacancies and/or interim situations with success.